Monday, August 2, 2010

Why You Should Go Hydro...

I do not have a large backyard to get dirty in, so my opinion is a little biased, but for the apartment gardener or for those who have limited space, there are many reasons to go 'hydro'.

Here are some:

  1. Eliminating over and under watering. Root rot due to poor drainage and flooding is a thing of the past with hydroponic gardening, as is having plants expire due to lack of water. No more guess work. 
  2. No more Soil, no more soil born diseases. Hydroponic systems allows plants to grow in a sterile environment free of any soil born thugs. It's clean, odorless and non-allergenic which is great for people with allergies to fungi etc.
  3. Less crawly nasties mean less glow in the dark stuff. Vegetable gardening allows for decreased pesticide use due to the sterile, soil free environment. 
  4. More bang for your buck. One of the biggest hydroponic indoor gardening benefits is cost reduction, an estimated 20% over conventional methods. 
  5. Greener. Hydroponic growing results in plants receiving higher and more balanced nutrient levels, in less space and with less energy consumption.  And unlike other hydroponic systems, this is even more so with hydroculture because it uses no electricity to pump air or water!!
  6. No waste and no root or plant damage. Fertilization is a snap as supplemental nutrients are pumped into the rooting solution or medium. And, as in the case of pesticides, no chemicals getting washed or leached off into the surrounding environment.  
  7. The lazy gardeners dream come true. Home hydroponic gardening is just plain easy. Labor is cut considerably and the system is almost totally self-regulating. Almost no weeding and no watering hassles. 
  8. Space saver deluxe. One of the most noteworthy benefits is space saving. Home hydroponic gardening requires no more space than the pot or container footprints. No more garden plots with specific direct sunlight needs. And by using grow lights you can have a great garden in your home. 
  9. Greater yields. Hydroponic plants produces higher yields, on average, than conventional methods do. So, less space + less work + less cost + higher yields = more free time for you.
  10. Availability. Hydroponics can also open up huge potential for agriculture in regions not generally suitable for plant cultivation.

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