Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clay Pebbles, A Choking Hazard?

As I was re-potting my plant in Hydroton, I realized that I have strong emotional memories of clay pebbles. As a young kid I lived in Holland and my parents had all their indoor plants in this stuff. Including the containers that held various palms and ficus trees and that were placed on the floor. I actually can't recall ever seeing a plant potted in soil in my house, ever. Soil was for the garden. And whilst they were using the clay pebbles for their plants, I was using it to stave of boredom.

I used to lay the clay pebbles in various lines and designs. The sky was the limit as to how many I could lay out in creative patterns. Occasionally, I would use them to pelt them at my three year old brother. Sibling rivalry at its best! I was 5 at the time (and despite the fear of dating myself) I had never even heard of computers or game systems. This is how I entertained myself.

me at the approx. age of 5. 
Check out the 'Ghetto-Fabulous' costume!!
What was my mom thinking?

Of course, this all had to be done in stealth mode because the minute my mom saw all those pebbles out of the container, she would order me to put them all back. In the process she would usually have to pry some out of my brothers hand as he was about to put some in his mouth. Then we would be whisked away to some other (better) activity to keep us occupied.

In retrospect, I'm amazed my brother didn't choke on the stuff. Which made me think that clay pebbles, in a household with young kids, should be covered if the container sits on the floor or is within easy reach of your kids.

Prevention is the best medicine!!!

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